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ATVC Wifi Hotspot - "Vouchers"
ABOUT:  The following information will assist with using our WiFi "Voucher" Services..........

A "Voucher" is a special number code provided by ATVC to customers signed up for the voucher service.   This allows a customer to connect to the ATVC WiFi system, enter the code, and get unlimited internet service for a period of time for multiple devices that the voucher is configured for.   SEE SUBSCRIPTION SIGN-UP BELOW


MONTHLY VOUCHER SERVICE:  ATVC is currently offering a paid monthly subscription for unlimited access to the WiFi Hotspots for up to 6 unique devices.   (NOTE: You cannot change the devices once each device has logged in for its first time.)

Subscribe to ATVC Hotspot (Monthly) Internet Service $64.00 per month     (This is a secure sign-up via "")

(This ongoing service is email billed monthly and continues until you cancel or stop payment.)

NOTE: Once you subscribe and make payment, in advance, a voucher code will be EMAILED to you within 2 business days.

ATVC is not responsible for poor signal and speeds due to your location or device. 

Use the "FREE" Access plan to confirm your service before making a purchase.

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