ATVC Wifi Hotspot Services 

IMPORTANT NOTICE!  (Updated June,10,2021)

During the height of the pandemic many internet providers opted to provide free internet services on their hotspots to support those working and schooling from home.  ATVC participated in this initiative with no government reimbursement for doing so and solely at the cost of ATVC and its members.

After more than a year of providing free service, ATVC needs to return to offering paid internet services in order to support system expenses and out of fairness to its existing paid members.  While there will be a "Free" hotspot service going forward, it will have daily time limitations and will encourage users to subscribe to the paid service for full access.  The "limited time" free service will also allow users to test connections to the hotspot for their various devices before paying for a subscription service.

At this time the only change we have made is to require hotspot users to login via this portal using the temporary password provided.  Users should continue to review the messages on this page for changes and be prepared for the switch to a payment based service in the future.

We thank you for your patience and support as we develop our hotspot services.

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Wifi Access via the ATVC Hotspot is available through several pay options along with limited free access.



* IMMEDIATE ACCESS - PURCHASE PER EACH DEVICE by Credit/Debit: (Includes "Free", "24 hour" or "7 day" Plans) 


  1. COMING SOON Access & Pay Options at the Wifi Login screen.   ACCESS IS IMMEDIATE UPON PAYMENT!

NOTE: The login screen payment options are limited to access for a single device per transaction. You are welcome to pay for additional devices.  The device you login and pay with is the device that will be authorized on the system for that transaction.


  1. AVAILABLE NOW  You can contact the ATVC Business Office and setup a monthly payment plan for "Dedicated Wifi Service".

  2. COMING SOON  Monthly Subscriptions can be purchased from this web site using Credit/Debit and will charge on a reoccurring basis until you cancel.  Activation can take up to 2 business days and you will be notified, by the email you provide, with access credentials. 

  3. COMING SOON  ATVC will have a "Voucher" program where you can pre-purchase access vouchers to hand out to staff, guests, or others.




ATVC Wifi hotspots are located in various places around Arlington and the ATVC System.  Your ability to connect and the speed of those connections depend on your type of device and how close you are to the wifi hotspot for the strongest signal. 

ATVC is not responsible for poor signal and speeds due to your location or device. 

Use the "FREE" Access plan to confirm your service before making a purchase.


Can I connect multiple devices to a paid hotspot account?

ATVC is planning to have services that allow for multiple devices through the purchase of  a "Voucher" plan.  A "Voucher" is a special login code that allows login by a specific number of devices.  The "vouchers" will be available from the ATVC office but more conveniently via email.  Vouchers are not available from ATVC at this time while we continue testing and developing our hotspot system.

Can I just get regular internet service where I pay ATVC monthly and not need to go through the hotspot login?

AVAILABLE NOW  Yes, you can get "Dedicated Wifi Service" from one of our hotspot transmitters with your own wifi SSID and Password.  This service is for a fixed location and household only and cannot be used at other ATVC hotspot locations. Email to get signed up.

My Smart TV or other device does not have the capability to do the additional login at the hotspot page. How can I get online?

PROBLEM: Some devices can successfully connect to the wifi but may not have an internet browser that allows you to enter a login password. 

SOLUTION 1: Pay for regular "dedicated wifi service" as explained in the previous question .Email to get signed up.


SOLUTION 2: Search your device's manufacturer web page for instructions on "How to connect to a captive portal or hotel type wifi system."   We have tested several devices (Roku, Amazon, SmartTV) and have been able to connect by following the manufacturers instructions. 

NOTE: For AppleTV devices you will need to use solution 1 or 3 as Apple does not have a captive portal option.

SOLUTION 3: For more tech savy advanced users, this can be solved by using a  device you can purchase called a "Travel Router". It allows a single login connection to ATVC, using the travel router in your home, then you can connect your local devices to the travel router.  The ATVC account is assigned to the travel router and all your local devices go through it.  NOTE: ATVC will not provide technical support for customer owned travel routers.  If you aren't comfortable setting up more complex connections then we suggest you use the "dedicated wifi service" option.

(ATVC may have "tested/recommended" Travel Routers for sale in the future. Email if you are interested in obtaining one from ATVC.)

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