Welcome to the ATVC Wifi Hotspot Landing Page

After users successfully login through one of our wifi access points they are directed here for more information and options.

Wifi Access via the ATVC Hotspot is available through several pay options along with limited free access.

Access options are listed below…..

A) PURCHASE PER EACH DEVICE: (Free, 24 hour & 7 day Plans)         

  1. Access & Pay Options at the Wifi Login screen.   ACCESS IS IMMEDIATE UPON PAYMENT!

NOTE: The login screen payment options are limited to a single device per transaction. You are welcome to pay for additional devices. 

The device you login and pay with is the device that will be authorized on the system for that transaction.


  1. Monthly Subscriptions can be purchased from this web site and will charge on a reoccurring basis until you cancel.  Activation can take up to 2 business days and you will be notified, by the email you provide, with access credentials. 

  2. You can contact the ATVC Business Office and setup a monthly payment plan.

  3. ATVC has a "Voucher" program where you can pre-purchase access vouchers to hand out to staff, guests, or others.



ATVC Wifi hotspots are located in various places around Arlington and the ATVC System.  Your ability to connect and the speed of those connections depend on your type of device and how close you are to the wifi hotspot for the strongest signal. 

ATVC is not responsible for poor signal and speeds due to your location or device. 

Use the FREE Acess to confirm your service before making a purchase.